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Ahead of the curve

Key highlights

Dairy prices posted further solid gains overnight.
Wet weather continues to stall NZ dairy production, pushing prices higher.
As a result, there is now clear upside risk to our $6.00/kg milk price forecast.

Report prepared by:

Nathan Penny, ASB Rural Economist
Phone: +64 9 448 8778
Email: nathan.penny@asb.co.nz

Our $6.00/kg milk price forecast is in the bag. In fact, if anything, we are ahead of the curve in terms of where we thought we would be at this stage of the season.

Back in April, we thought WMP prices would reach circa US$3,000/MT by November. Whereas now, they have clearly surpassed that level; WMP prices now sit above US$3,400/MT or some 13% higher than we had anticipated back then.

This extra price lift, however, does not come for free. Farmers in the central and upper North Island are staring at production falls for the season in the 10% range. That said, a rising milk price does still lift all boats.

Moreover, with another solid result in the bag, there is now clear upside to our $6.00/kg 2016/17 milk price forecast. As a result, we place our forecast “under review”.

For now though and given how far prices have come, we sit on our hands, and wait for further confirmation that prices stick at this level. Meanwhile, we also flag that we expect Fonterra to lift its milk price forecast from $5.25/kg to at least $5.75/kg any time soon.

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