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ASB join St John to keep community hearts beating

St John and ASB today announce a community partnership designed to expand support for St John services and keep more hearts beating in local New Zealand communities.

To mark the launch of this new community support programme, ASB is funding the training today by St John of more than 1,000 secondary school students throughout New Zealand in CPR, for free. This will be one of a range of service initiatives that will be delivered to New Zealanders by ASB and St John working together in the community.

St John and ASB are working with 10 schools in communities nationwide for today’s big day of training. St John Chief Executive, Jaimes Wood, says the 1,000 figure is particularly relevant.

“More than 1,000 New Zealanders go into cardiac arrest outside the hospital environment each year. Only 8% survive. St John is committed to improving this survival rate, and with ASB’s help, we are implementing an intensive CPR training campaign with the aim of significantly increasing the survival rate,” Mr Wood says.

To help achieve this, ASB Managing Director Hugh Burrett made a further announcement. “By working together with St John, ASB will support a further 10,000 New Zealanders to be trained in the life-saving resuscitation technique CPR for free over the next six months.

“St John is every community’s valued neighbour and ASB will help St John deliver important programmes like CPR training on a wide scale."

“ASB’s support will raise the profile and support of this much-loved and trusted New Zealand organisation. Through our own community links, ASB staff and our branch network we will help St John extend their reach to more New Zealanders than ever before.”

Jaimes Wood says St John is delighted to have the commitment of ASB to help increase support for St John’s services and activities in the community.

“Both St John and ASB have been in New Zealand for more than 120 years and this heritage means both organisations are well entrenched in local communities. We share a commitment to quality and progress which will be of enormous benefit to the communities we touch."

Mr Wood says the St John/ASB relationship is designed to deliver real, tangible benefits to New Zealanders. “The CPR training announced today is a great illustration of this. Together, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of New Zealanders, and to increase community participation in first aid.”

Today’s announcement prefaces the annual St John Appeal, which runs from Sunday 22 June to Saturday 28 June 2008. Appeal envelopes will be delivered to 1.2 million households throughout New Zealand from next Monday 23 June.


Media Note: CPR training takes place in the following schools in communities around New Zealand this morning. The training event today is called 30 to 2 – No Matter Who to raise awareness that CPR consists of cycles of 30 chest compressions followed by two breaths – no matter who the patient (adult, child or baby).

  • Northland: Whangarei Boys, 2.15 pm
  • Auckland: Avondale College, 11am
  • Hamilton: Hamilton Boys High, 11.30am
  • Gisborne: Lytton High School, 12.15pm
  • Hastings: Hastings Girls, 1.15 pm
  • Wellington: Rongotai College, 10.25am
  • Nelson: Nayland College, 12 noon
  • Christchurch: Burnside High, 12 noon
  • Dunedin: St Hilda's College, 10.40 am
  • Invercargill: Southland Boys, 10am

People are encouraged to register interest in taking part in the free St John CPR training courses being funded by ASB over the next six months by registering on www.asb.co.nz/stjohn or by calling into your local ASB branch.

Further inquiries, please contact:

St John
Ali Tocker – St John External Communications Manager, ph: 027 211 2159 

Debby Bell – ASB Head of Corporate Communications, ph: 0274 992 563


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